Indoor Summer Activities for Younger Kids

Summer is here! And while this weather is great for heading out the heat might be too much for toddlers and infants.

We were recently gifted this Chalkola board and markers set which comes at a pretty great time. It’s a black board full of opportunity. 

Here a few fun things to do with this Chalkola set:

Educational activities

It’s much more engaging to teach your little one shapes, numbers and letters as they watch you draw them out in an assortment of colours. This way they will 100% want to try and doodle too! If your child is older you can teach spelling and words instead of just shapes, numbers and letters.

Fun & Games

It’s so wonderful watching toddlers react to the colours and doodles they create. Whether it’s on the board or on glass windows (both of each are easily washable) this is a fun activity that will for sure take up their time. 

If your child is older they might still enjoy drawing and doodling otherwise playing games like tic tac toe or even getting them to colour in a pre-outlined drawing might be enjoyable for them.

Bonus uses for Mom

  • Since the board stands nicely on it’s own I like to list what I want to accomplish for the day. It’s easy to create schedules and just have to look up during the day as a reminder. 
  • They are a great substitute for post-its because they are large and in your face. I like to leave notes for myself the night before so I’m sure to see it the next morning.
  • Bright colours and feel good quotes do wonders to lift your mood. Writing a fun quote along with fun doodles using the bright colours not only cheers me up but reminds me to keep my head up throughout the day.

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