My 2020 Review: 3 things to remember

When I started blogging late last year I never knew how much my life would change. Even now as I type this I cannot believe people actually read this!

But like most of you, blogging has been a means for me to stay calm and connected.

I’ve enjoyed re-discovering aspects of my Filipino culture to share with you. It’s been fun learning about writing again and trying to write in structure – I had flashbacks to my University English 101 class while I watched my online copy writing courses!

But most of all I love being able to connect with other moms on the same journey. It has been my saving grace to be able to vent my frustrations with you all!

The pandemic and all the chaos that ensued is written in our history books but what I will carry forward with me are these three things:

1. We get to support what we value

As the year ends thousands of small businesses struggle to survive. What is really hard to comprehend is that these small businesses often employ our neighbours and fuel other parts of our local community. Before turning to Amazon or other global corporations I will be asking myself what I can pick up at the local shop down the street.

2. Questioning what doesn’t make sense will ALWAYS lead to a better future

I grew up in a time when people made assumptions of who I was based on the colour of my hair and the shape of my eyes. Oh wait that’s today! It still happens – BUT I do see more people of colour represented in the media. ABOUT TIME!

3. All we really need is what is already around us

Love of our family and close friends is all we really need.

This is a privileged statement. We as human beings require more than love – we need shelter, basic food and water. To already feel fed and sheltered and carry that into the new year is a privilege. If you don’t understand that then it might be time to break down your glass walls or take a Biology 101 course.

BUT yes, if you are privileged like me, all we really need is love. Love for our family and close friends but maybe also love for our neighbours who aren’t as fortunate.

xoxo, Maria

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