Mothers Day 2021 : 11 ways to celebrate your mom

This year Mother’s Day doesn’t need to be any different.

It can still be the one day we make sure to shower our moms with extra special love and attention. With the pandemic still a major concern it’s wise to plan in advance to make sure you aren’t disappointed. Mother’s day 2021 can still be as wonderful as however you’d like it to be.

Below are some of my ideas of how to celebrate and stay COVID safe.

If your mom is outside your bubble or is not anywhere near you:

  • Drop off or send a cooked meal.
  • Put together a thoughtful basket with activity related gifts and meetup on zoom to ‘play’ together.
  • Plant all the garden flowers now to have them bloom by Mother’s Day.
  • Book an appointment or send her to a COVID safe spa.
  • Send her a home beauty spa kit.

If you’re lucky enough to be bubbled with your mom you can:

1. Take her out for lunch either a restaurant or maybe even a picnic if it’s nice enough out

2. Book a trip to a spa that practices COVID safe protocols: ME Beauty Studio near Granville Island only runs by appointment.

3. Turn her home into a spa and provide her with an easy service (manicure or basic facial)

4. Turn your home into an activity studio for painting on canvas or making easy jewelry.

5. Prepare a high tea for her at home.

6. Book a photoshoot together – Sarah Davids Photography in Pitt Meadows/ Port Coquitlam has a killer package right now.

I know I’m talking about Mother’s day a little early here but 2021 is different. We all need to try and plan ahead as most establishments are not operating to full capacity or are changing their operating procedures.

This is your 4 week warning!

xo Maria

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