When to draw the line with scrolling…

I say this quite often and I mean it. I’m part of an amazing mom community on Instagram. These moms are wonderfully supportive, empowering and hilarious. They are a huge reason for why I’m on IG quite often.

But sometimes I scroll too much.

Beyond seeing what my mama friends are up to, I scroll until forever! It’s a bad habit – and that’s where the trouble is.

My mind starts a comparison game: why don’t my photos look that great, why doesn’t my home look like that, how are they able to do all those things … the list goes on.

I’ve had enough.

Here’s what I’m doing now to minimize meaningless scrolling:

  1. Plan all my posts for the week ahead of time.
  2. Designate a window during the day to log on and see what my mama/friends are up to.
  3. Be intentional with my engagement time.

Do you have any other suggestions?

xo, Maria

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