4+ Rainy day activities for toddlers

Summer is officially gone and while beautiful sunny fall weather exists it’s better not to get our hopes up! 

Typical October weather in Vancouver involves lots of rain so here are some indoor toddler friendly activities:

Sensory bins

Some sensory bin activities are not toddler appropriate as they include choking hazards. My favourite sensory bin activity to play with Maya includes water and bubbles or cool whip and food colouring. The Busy Toddler has a comprehensive list of basic items you need to put a sensory bin together but I’m still avoiding any rice or grains.

Play dough

Homemade play dough is best for toddlers because you know what ingredients are used to make it. This is especially important for toddlers who still put things into their mouths. The last thing you need is to worry about are the harmful toxins going into your toddler’s system. Colouring the dough can be as natural as using beets!

If you’d rather buy your playdough Novah + Skye Co.  a new local company has come out with some cute homemade playdough kits and they’re themed! 

Dress up

Now, some toddlers are quite advanced and love dressing up or trying to dress themselves. Typically with Maya she finds my clothes and accessories entertaining and enjoys attempting to put them on herself. You can make this even more fun by putting everything in a big luggage so they can rifle through it. 

Physical Activity Stations

If your toddler is as energetic as mine you will look for activities that will have them bouncing. 

We were able to purchase a small indoor slide through Facebook Marketplace. It took awhile for her to get the hang of climbing and sliding but once she figured it out she’s loved it ever since. 

Maya has just recently learned to use small trampolines so we are looking to purchase one for our play area. She discovered them at our gymnastics class and was weary at first but now loves being able to hop on and off them. 

If space is an issue and you’re looking for less expensive ways to exert their energy, sofa cushions and blankets make the best climbable forts. 

Now if you’re like me and you need a change of scenery there are indoor play centres within the Tricities that are open but will require reservations:

Leapfrog Gymnastics in Coquitlam

Jungle Jacs in Port Coquitlam

Little Marines in Burquitlam

MyGym in Maple Ridge

And last but not least, if it’s not too cold or raining too hard you could just take your toddler outside! 

We purchased something similar to a muddy buddy from Costco at $17 and I’m excited to take Maya outdoors with it.  As long as you have them dressed warm and snug they should enjoy it!

Hope this was a useful read for you!

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