How to start writing – the basics

When I was younger I loved to write.

I wrote a TV series manuscript when I was 10 and then moved into writing poems in high-school. But like most pre-teens/teenagers, I wasn’t confident. I didn’t feel like I was good enough – although I managed to get my poems into a national competition.

My first years of university consisted of english courses that I felt were waaay out of my league. We were taught about Keats, Byron, Shelley etc and I felt like I could never compare. And I fell in love with the study of people and my writing interests quickly disappeared.

I began to blog in the year 2010. I blogged about food in relation to my relationships (and of course travel).

Today I blog here, write web copy and recently: my first children’s e-book series.

It took me a while to understand that I don’t need to be ‘perfect’ with writing – just grammatically correct and easy to follow. I write to express my feelings, unpack my understanding and share my culture.

Here are my tips if you are looking to get started on writing:

  1. Find the purpose of your piece – my writing comes from an emotional source whether it’s venting about frustrations or sharing the joy of a memory. Decide on your purpose in one sentence.
  2. Build your piece – this is where you can write supporting sentences for your purpose.
  3. Depending on the piece, you can add meat to it by doing research and providing takeaways for the reader.
  4. At the very end you need to proof read your piece a few times to make sure that it’s easy to read.

Of course if you’re just starting out you could just write and write then go back and organize it. Either way. Just get writing.

The more you write the more experience you’ll have.

How to write - note book writing

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