How to make the holidays extra meaningful during the pandemic

In a few short weeks this year will be over.

The pandemic has cast a shadow on our history and it seems our future but do we want to continue to let it cast a shadow on our perspective?

We will all say 2020 was a year like no other. And while we (me included) are all worried about the global state of affairs it seems like we are overlooking certain things.

We can chose to be afraid and worry about how our holiday celebrations won’t be the same as the last few years OR we can celebrate with our loved ones.

This year I am choosing to make my family’s holiday celebration the best one yet.

The word ‘celebrate’ is all encompassing. There are many ways to celebrate. We might not be doing our traditional large family activities but I see an opportunity for this year’s celebrations to be more meaningful than ever.

This year I get to introduce aspects of the holiday to someone who has never experienced it before. Maya is old enough to be aware of what’s going on around her. She is so curious about the large brightly lit fake tree standing in our living room with balls and bows hanging from it.

But regardless of who you have to celebrate the holidays around with here are some ways to add extra meaning this holiday season:

Make your own gifts

Instead of hopping online to purchase the latest and greatest product out there stop and think about who you are giving this gift to. Is there something you can make that will add an extra sparkle in their eye?

Most of the mamas out there reading this have probably already bought their gifts – but maybe you can add something extra? A photo of your first date for your hubby, a meaningful art printed note for your kid, you get the point.

Making your own gift or adding an extra touch is really just stopping and thinking about the receiver and how to give them a lasting feeling of those warm fuzzies (not just the immediate shock and surprise of opening their present).

Recreate holiday experiences at home

They’ve closed the light tours but you can make something similar at home? Or maybe just convince a few of your neighbors to set up lights outside.

Bake those cookies, deck those halls and blast the Jingle Bell Rock!

Tune into vintage

Best way to bring on the holiday feels is by watching your fave holiday classic films. For me, just hearing the tunes takes me back to the feeling of Christmas. So get those playlists ready (weekday jams and weekend blasts), set up your favourite flicks to get you into the holiday mood.

Get off your phone

This is self explanatory. Save your mental health and give yourself some digital breaks. Better yet give yourself a ‘phone time’ twice a day to bring out your phone and hide it for the rest of the time. You won’t believe all the kinds of activities you can do!

I’m sure there are plenty of other ways to make your holidays meaningful but this year the emphasis is on your perspective. With enough reflection, meaningful and purposeful activities you too will be celebrating the most memorable time of the year.



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