Building your online mama community

Each month of motherhood brings forward a different sense of self. 

For me, I was focused on home making, baking, activities and tidying during the first part of the year. This month while I’ve enjoyed my summer holidays with my baby girl I’m craving a little piece of myself that I feel has been left behind.

I’m talking about my career development side. It was a huge part of my identity to network with other professionals, constantly learn about the newest trends, and have the opportunity to implement my new knowledge. 

But time for myself has been quite rare these days. 

Most of you mamas know what it’s like to have a toddler clinging to you for survival and when they don’t want food or your attention they’re finding the latest corner of your living space to destroy. Then after you’ve tried to ensure they don’t hurt themselves you spend the next few minutes tidying up the space that will eventually go back to chaos in seconds. 

Don’t even get me started on the time when hubby comes home. 

It seems like a huge performance trying to find something for Maya to keep herself preoccupied while I run around to make dinner. Followed by attempting to feed her, to clean up after dinner, give her a bath then trying to put her to sleep. 

By 8PM, if she is asleep by then, I’m exhausted mentally and physically.  But I have a side hustle that I’m growing – and will usually work until the late hours to get anything real done.  All to be woken up by 5am (unless Maya’s teething – then I’ll get by with a couple hours of sleep).

It’s a vicious cycle. And it can be depressing.

Thankfully I do follow amazing moms on Instagram. They are normalizing the need for mamas to prioritize self care first and are constantly breaking down unrealistic expectations that we mamas set for ourselves. 

With my baby girl being 17 months I’ve had that long to surround myself with a community of like minded mamas on social media. These mamas post so many powerful messages to keep me going. But sometimes I really really crave ‘me-time’.

As the summer ends and good weather declines, I recommend you build your mama community. It might be a while until we are back to ‘normal’ but having a good community of real and raw mamas will 100% help this coming season.

Join my community if you haven’t already xo,


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