Sleep like a baby …

During my pregnancy I knew I wanted to sleep train. 

I particularly read up on Babywise since a good friend’s kids slept through the night early on with it. There were definitely fundamentals I picked up and Maya slept through the night from 4 months until about 9 months. Her teeth decided to come in all at once – all eight front teeth – then she started crawling, then both of her top molars poked out and now she’s full on walking. 

We are at 14 months and her sleep has been far from perfect BUT I can say we are working on it. I had the opportunity to take Heavy Eyes Happy Hearts online course with a follow up consult and I feel like it was just what I needed at this stage.

Sleep Train for Baby

Most sleep training for babies occurs during their first few months. And while I valued being educated around that time Maya has developed so much since then that I consider her a new baby! With babies developing so much around the 10 -12 month marker it’s nice to take a refresher course.

Heavy Eyes Happy Hearts has an online course that makes it easy for parents with no time to sit and watch 20-30 minutes at a time. You can pause the course or even re-watch it (l did this to take notes).  

For me, I loved that while the focus is on baby sleep she prioritizes each family or parents individual needs as the motivation for baby sleep. At the end of the day you are an important piece of the puzzle.

Offering a wealth of information and an abundance of support I would definitely recommend her online course to anyone needing help in their baby sleep journey.

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