How I achieved the summer body I wanted

This blog isn’t just for the mamas. It’s for every woman and man out there who needs to hear this.

Your body is your body.

Before you start reading too far into this I am not going to talk about any exercise routine or diet fad. I’m sharing something that I’ve been working on that has helped me achieve the summer body I love.

We have been unfortunately indoctrinated and brainwashed by society & mainstream media that we are supposed to look a certain way. It is just a load of BS. 

Every body is different.

Just last month I was harassed on Instagram by moms pushing their diet and detox kits on me. If this is what you think you need to feel happy then please go on your merry way.

Don’t get me wrong. Health is a number one priority – but the definition of healthy is between you and your doctor/personal trainer. If you want to set yourself a goal of running a marathon to feel better then all the power to you! But it is no one else’s place to suggest you should look a certain way to be healthy.

The fundamental way I’ve achieved my summer body is by showering it with constant love and respect. 

I have my good days and my bad days. I noticed the good days are days when I’m outside not scrolling through social media and the bad days are when I’m inundated with all the beautifully photoshopped photos of women bending a certain way to elongate their legs.

Anyway, this blog is to help you feel good. You are not the only one falling through the cracks. We need to surround ourselves with people who encourage us to feel better and healthy – not ones who cause us to constantly compare ourselves to unrealistic images.

So your homework for today :

  1. Purge your social lists of anyone who has made you feel unhealthy
  2. Follow 1-2 accounts that empower you to feel better 
  3. Look with love at yourself in the mirror

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