Cesarean section – my recovery advice

Last month was c-section awareness month but since this is how I gave birth I’m spreading awareness of it year round! Ha! 

A cesarean section was not part of my birth plan. It never is for most first time moms. At the end of the day a healthy baby is all that matters, not the method of your delivery. 

After Maya was born it was a challenge to get up from sitting and resting. It was nice at first, not being able to carry anything or have to do chores, but as the days went by I just wanted my independence back. I didn’t realize that my daily activities would also be limited. I wanted to get back to my norm. 

Most moms I’ve talked to express their anxiety over recovery. I get it. I’ve been there. Having your baby already takes a huge toll on your body and now you are also recovering from a surgical procedure. 

I’m not here to share the steps I took or the products I used to recover from my cesarean section, not today anyway. 

I’m here to share this life changing concept:

Our body created, formed and gave birth to life. 

Developing this mindset of gratitude for our body has helped and continues to help with my recovery.

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