Mother’s Day 2020

Social norms keep imposing demands on women, even more so as they become mothers. 

I never imagined reconfiguring my life to revolve around someone else and the home. But here I am. It is a process trying to uncover why it was such a challenge. 

Being a mom is hard work

You are the sole caretaker of your child’s mental, emotional and physical development. You have a fifty-fifty role in your marriage and depending on how your household works you probably manage most of it. This is all after you carry your child for nine months in utero and then another several months after delivery.

Growing up I never envisioned being a mom. I was preoccupied with school, trying to be independent and developing myself into a career I wanted. 

Some of us are fortunate to grow up with parents who put a roof over our heads and keep us safe. My mom used to walk us to school and back home everyday throughout elementary school. She used to make us lunch all throughout highschool. I definitely took her for granted.

Here I am now, struggling with a 12 month old. 

Trying to follow after the Destiny’s Child single, I wanted to be an independent woman. It has been such a transition from that mindset to one where you have a dependent being hanging off you 24/7.

I love being a mom

Even with all the challenges I wouldn’t change a thing. Staring into Maya’s eyes and getting to comfort her while watching her develop has been the most rewarding life experience I will ever have.

As thankful as we are for our family it is not a crime to say you need space or ask for a day for yourself. Especially now as we’ve lived weeks under the confinement of our homes and families. 

This mother’s day I hope you get the time and space for yourself, but most importantly, that you see how important you are to the world.

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