Toxic Purge

This is such a crazy time – it feels like we are all walking on a tightrope. Many of us, including myself, are suddenly unemployed and wonder about what the future holds for our loved ones.

Waking some mornings seems so surreal, I keep hearing about a neighbour or a friend’s loved one being taken away by COVID19. It really feels like a nightmare just waiting to receive news that someone in my family has it. Obviously I try to not think about this, some days I can’t with Maya crawling around. My days are filled with Maya which is a blessing mostly.

Somedays are hard. My husband is such a hardworker he works his day job and then responds to emergency calls afterwards  So it’s only fair (for me) to take care of Maya, our home and our meals. By the time dinner is over, I’ve put Maya asleep, we’ve tidied up we are both pretty KO’d and relax over a good film.

Last night he put on the Innocence Files on Netflix. Normally I love watching docuseries like these but last night I couldn’t handle it. I felt myself falling into deep sadness and even this morning I couldn’t shake the funk of that dark cloud away.

Watching the short bit of that documentary last night confirmed my need for a toxic purge. I’m not talking about cleaning out my makeup drawer or bathroom closets (those are all pretty clean though!). I’m talking about managing the energy or vibe that I have control over.

If I haven’t lost you already, here are the ways I am purging the toxic vibes around me:

  • currently avoiding historically depressing shows
  • watching too much news media
  • scrolling past those sad TikTok tunes
  • shelving tough conversations that don’t need to be addressed right now
  • limiting time on the social apps
  • snoozing mom groups on Facebook

IMG_6019Here’s what I’m replacing those activities with:

  • meaningful conversations with my husband and family
  • engaging fully with my baby which requires some well thought out activities
  • writing a blog or journalling
  • spending at least 2 hours outside

My hope in purging the negative and replacing with positives is to help keep me afloat. These are tough times. I need my sanity.

Do you have any uplifting and meaningful activities you partake in?



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