Local escapes

Going on short walks with my baby has been my saving grace through this pandemic. Increasing my endorphins and getting a daily dose of vitamin D is sure to turn anyone’s frown upside down.

Of course making sure we keep a safe distance we like to frequent our neighborhood block during the week. To differentiate our weekdays from weekends we like to go on longer ‘hikes’.

Here are some of our fave walks around:

  • Deboville Slough – this trail is wide enough for good distancing!
  • Rocky Point trail to Old Orchard – this gets pretty busy so make sure you pick a non busy time!
  • Pitt Lake Dyke Trail – this trail is pretty expansive and goes for kms!
  • The New PoCo trail off Pitt River Road Near Lougheed Highway

IMG_4572 (1)

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