4 Happiness Exercises

With the global pandemic it’s easy to fall into a dark and depressing hole.

Last night I stepped out to do an essentials shop. I thought it would be a refreshing break from my needy crawling toddler but it was actually quite upsetting.

At home we watch the news on TV and scroll through social media being shown what’s happening but it doesn’t feel real until we step outside to the empty parking lots and shop with people who are loading up in frenzy. I felt completely overwhelmed with the reality that we are faced with. Not sure if it’s the thought of ‘how long will this happen for’ or the fact that this virus is real, and has the ability to affect the lives of our loved ones, that upset me.

Because there is currently no end in sight for our situation I have to keep my little family isolated but happy or content. Falling into a depression won’t help the situation at all.

IMG_4438Here are my typical happiness exercises for bad times:

  1.  Being active – doing small activities or workouts throughout the day helps keep our endorphins up! This can be something simple as fun physical games with your baby (squats) or chasing your crawling/walking toddler. Going out for walks and getting fresh air is really the best (until we can’t leave our homes anymore).
  2. Writing a go-to gratitude list – I like to write a list (short or long) so when things get bad it’s easier to revert back. This task can be as easy as jotting it down on a post-it or making it pretty with lettering/ watercolours – you get to decide!
  3. Creating an upbeat playlist – music has an intrinsic ability to change our mood. I put together a playlist with old school songs to keep me happy. Some songs play and instantly remind me of the summer ten years ago or my wedding party. Those happy feelings are what I’m after with this list.
  4. Keeping busy – whether it’s running after kids or cleaning or re-sorting your mail. Keeping productive helps keep our mind from being bogged down by sad thoughts. I like to write myself a to-do list for the week/month with big projects to tackle.

I don’t intend to gloss over the seriousness of our situation nor do I want to imply that we need to live with rainbows and butterflies 24/7. These times are hard! Feeling sad and overwhelmed happens but I need to feel okay so this is what I do to get out of my funk.

I hope that sharing my happiness exercises helps!


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