The natural state of being pregnant

I’ve always thought of ‘pregnancy’ as a natural state for women- largely due to the socialized nature of this term. There are pregnant women in movies and TV, pregnant family & friends and as of late moms-to-be all over social media. They all seem so casual carrying their bumps around and prepping supplies for their babies birth.

I’m 26 weeks pregnant and I’m still in wonderment (sometimes shock) everyday of the the changes my mind & body are undergoing. Hundreds and thousands of women may have gone through this process before and might be currently going through it now but there is no way to describe the movements inside the belly, the aches and pains that suddenly occur that spark anxiety and something as simple as the changes in my socialization habits.

Maybe not every mom is talking about their perspective of the process and all I’m seeing is the stylized photo shoots or encouraging/motivational quotes but for real this process is chaotic.

There is nothing normal about having a being grow inside you while it moves around your organs when the closest feeling you’ve had to that is eating a bad dinner.

There seems to be this association between the word woman and pregnancy as a natural state of being. Society seems to depict women and the experience they go through during pregnancy as normal – maybe as a means to calm us down and normalize to the process body parts expanding!




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