Pregnant in Vegas


Most people plan to visit Vegas to party. I definitely had that in mind when I booked the surprise vacation package for my husband’s birthday. Little did I know at the time that I was already 4 weeks pregnant.

While Vegas is mostly known for bachelor(ette) parties or 24hrs of endless binge drinking (and the like), I came to know Vegas as a scenic interactive treadmill.

48383793_2024760597617371_8453254791177437184_oIt was my hubby’s first time in Vegas so I gave him a full tour of the strip walking a whopping 16KM on our first day to about 10-12KM for each of the next three days we were there. I gambled what I would have spent on drinks and better yet, I won it all back!

Here were some of my favourite things to do being 20 weeks along in Vegas:

  1. Taste all the Sprinkles Cupcake flavours. This doesn’t really seem like an activity but cupcakes are generally filling and sweeter than the average nutrition limit for the day so I had to calculate my trip to this little boutique sweet shop to once a day if not once every 18 hours.
  2. Eat at the Gordon Ramsay Steak House. I guess you could substitute any good restaurant here. I just found the flavours to be extra knowing that it was made to the GR standard. We had also visited some other ‘posh’ restaurants on the strip but found their food to be quite lack lustre for the price and decor.
  3. Check out the Outlets! There are two outlets to the north and south of the Las Vegas Strip. For one of the days we were there we visited Old Las Vegas which were just a couple short blocks so we hopped on over to the Outlets nearby and shopped to our hearts desires.
  4. Ride on the High Roller. I’m not the type to spend money on rides & attractions but due to my hubby’s eagerness we purchased two tickets to the High Roller at the Linq. Maybe it was the time of the year and time of day but we had a whole pod to ourselves to take as many photos (selfies) with the Las Vegas Strip as we could. It was a view that I had never seen! It being my fourth trip to Vegas I would definitely recommend it … unless you are afraid of heights.
  5. Walking the Strip and stopping into the hotels. This seems fairly basic and can be enjoyed even when you’re not pregnant but I don’t think I really did this as much when I was there to party. Most of the time you’re in your room or at a bar/restaurant/club.

I’m sure there could have been more enjoyable moments that I likely didn’t partake in for example the buffets and the shows. My appetite wasn’t huge at the time so I felt it was a waste to spend money and time going to a buffet. The only show I would have really wanted to see would have been a Cirque du Soleil production but I’ve seen so many in Vancouver.  The overarching thought in my head was that we still have lots of baby necessities to buy and I’d rather spend money on a stroller than buy tickets to see another show.

So despite being pregnant I did have a great time in Vegas – just a different kind of fun.

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