It’s all about the unexpected

IMG_6897I planned to blog during the start of my maternity leave because I can’t sit still. What I didn’t plan on was carpal tunnel and being forced to take off several weeks before maternity for an enforced sick leave.

The first couple days of ‘freedom’ was hard. I’m the type of person that usually has a few things on the go – I always want to ensure my time is being spent productively. I felt I had cabin fever before afternoon hit and so I went off to visit my mom. The day after I sorted out my EI and tried to clean patio furniture. Didn’t get too far as my wrists will only allow for so much, even writing this blog is leaving slight tingles down my tendons.
Anyway, my goals (yes I have some) during my leave will be to:
1) Learn something new – this skill will likely have to be something not physical so I’d love any suggestions on any up & coming digital marketing technology that would be interesting to know.
2) Review my French – this might require a trip to the library (!)
3) Master meal planning – can this be mastered? I guess the effort is what counts.
4) Have the nursery & hospital bag ready!
I’d love to hear what some other mamas out there have done during their prep/pre-baby time 🙂

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