My top 4 things to look for in a pre-natal vitamin

I felt like my first trimester went by so fast – might have been that I went through the first 6.5 weeks not knowing I was pregnant!

In the beginning I took the Lorna Vanderhaeghe Smart Prenatal but (I’ll save you from the details) I was not absorbing the nutrients into my system so I switched to the highly acclaimed MegaFood Baby & Me formulas.

What to Expect lists a few benefits of prenatal vitamins such as dietary insurance, reduced nausea and even claims it reduces birth defects. I’ve always been a multivitamin advocate; I firmly believe that food no longer provides the sufficient amount of nutrients our bodies need. Now that I’m pregnant it is equally as important for me to nourish my little bun as it develops.

IMG_5786Here are things I looked for in a pre-natal vitamin:

  • 400-600 mcg of folic acid – a must for any pregnancy.
  • 27 mg of iron – this is important for cell development during the early stages especially.
  • 150 mcg of iodine – to help my little bun develop their thyroid.
  • 1000 mg of calcium – more so for my own support throughout the pregnancy.

There are of course others but these were at the top of my list. The most important aspect of pre-natals, or any vitamin, is that it is easily absorbed into the system. After seeing how the MegaFood brand develops their products using real food with a unique process guaranteeing the potency it was tough to look anywhere else.







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