My thyroid, PCOS and a little miracle.

cure-herbal-medications-50994For the last year I had opted to try the natural version of thyroid medication: dessicated thyroid. After not seeing an improvement I made an appointment with my family doctor to try the synthetics. Before I could try the synthetics I had to undergo some testing.

July was my month of experimentation, little did I know my body had already become a lab and something was already brewing.  Over this past summer I spent a lot of time at BC Lifelabs – the staff are pretty fantastic by the way.  I went for testing and discovered that my thyroid had become hyper; this was opposite to the diagnosis I’ve had for the last couple of years now.

In order for my GP to prescribe the synthetic medication I wanted to try, I had to cut myself off from any medication for three weeks to find out what my natural thyroid levels were.


In August, I went back to my GP to review all my lab results. She proceeded to tell me that she thinks I might have polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). I have heard a little bit about this and that it would be difficult to have babies. At the end of my appointment my GP asked me to pee in a cup and to my complete surprise she told me I was pregnant. She then sent me to get a blood test done to confirm so I bee lined it straight to Lifelabs from there. After getting my results instantly through their online reporting, I spent the whole day in shock. I was 6.5 weeks pregnant!

Actually I’d say I am still quite amazed with this wonderful surprise.

Of course there is a scientific explanation to what happened. My body, in the process of going from hypo to hyper must have released an egg that was then fertilized, etc. But I’m choosing to revel in the wonderment and joy of this moment as being a miracle.

The last year has been such a journey and a struggle for my health that I did not think I would be able to get pregnant. And even now with possible PCOS risks I am completely at awe with my little miraculous bun.

So here to the beginning of a new journey with my thyroid and my little bun… 🙂


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