Dreamers + Doers

IMG_6267Tonight I had the immense pleasure of attending my first ever Dreamers  + Doers event at the HootSuite headquarters. I came to know about this event as I was nominated to share the story of Median Fundraising and why it exists towards a chance to win funding. While I did not win, I was invited to this very exclusive event to meet others who had also shared their initiatives and watch the top 5 pitches gain the crowd choice.

Upon attending I met some amazing and wonderful people.  I was pretty star struck when I saw Mark Brand, who continues to do so much work trying to alleviate access to food for those who are marginalized in the Downtown Eastside, attend the event. Then I met someone who through various knew of Median Fundraising and had Liked our Facebook page! But I was even more so blown away by the top five individuals who had submitted their pitch for funding. The top five pitches were:

  • Net2Van: The Digital Nonprofit – an organization that aims to increase tech access for charities and NFPs. They organize gatherings to connect social technology with social change in the local community.
  • The Bus Co-Op – an organization providing community groups, such as seniors centres, with affordable and reliable transportation.
  • Open Science Network – a not for profit aimed at creating a community of scientists by providing lab space in Vancouver.
  • ACTS Canada – an organization that aims to provide Uganda with access to clean water as a chain effect to ensure the social flow – ie. children can continue going to school, mothers and fathers can continue to generate income instead of searching for clean water.
  • Refood – a social enterprise that redirects excess & defective produce from landfills towards homeless shelters and charities.

The night ended with ACTS Canada winning funding from Chimp to produce their Walk for Water Tool Kits – allowing anyone to organize a fundraiser in their community to ‘Walk for Water”. It was such an inspirational evening. I came out of it feeling so motivated to “keep trucking” with Median as I’ve been feeling a little low lately (lack of resources, streamlined processes, general support).

I was reminded that great work takes time, and that the value in what I want to see change is worth every hurdle I will face.

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