Education & Certifications

I must be one of the declining number of millennials who still perceives education to be the path to legitimacy – is that to my own detriment?

In my mind going into school for a career designation is the path towards getting that desired position. Except, nowadays while it seems that knowledge is still key – it’s knowledge of who you know and how to network and sell your skills is what gets you to the top. Maybe my blog is simply just my own attempt to vocalize my frustration but who else is finding it difficult to take steps in your career ladder even despite your wealth of experience and education?

An article by Maclean’s declared the value of university institutions and typical ‘degrees’ to be not what they once were . The ‘job acquired’ statistics declined at traditional knowledge institutions, such as universities. The swarm to technical specific certification increased where instructors were individuals who worked within the industry and your curriculum included case studies on real/live projects.

With the dawn of the new year, and possibly my new age bracket, I’m seeing the increasing popularity of micro-education institutions. What are these? They’re the small enterprise that operates by hosting programs and courses dedicated to the full time employee to amp up their skill set. They are businesses rather than institutions or non-profit organizations – not to say this is a bad thing.

In the end we all complete our education with a certification and with that I believe that would lead to a position. It’s at this point where I experience frustration. More and more I am feeling like my education and experience are not sufficient. It’s where these smaller micro-education institutions are flourishing. They provide instructors from the local industry and the class sizes are small enough to successfully network.

And so I come to face the question as to whether I should enrol in these micro-institution programs? – to get my desired career advancement.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on your experiences and observations.

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