Life without coffee pt 1.


Since the dawn of the new year I’ve become increasingly concerned about aging. No, I’m not concerned with the wrinkles on my face or the greying of my hair but more so my health.

Late last summer my doctor told me that my blood test indicated I was bordering hypo-thyroid.While I knew of the word ‘thyroid’ through my mom I didn’t really understand what or how vital this gland was to the body. In the six months after, I experienced waves of stress, exhaustion, extreme emotional fluctuation and bordered depression.

It wasn’t until recently that I decided to take it upon myself to do more research. I discovered that the thyroid gland affects everything in your body – thus affects your whole life. To be more specific, the thyroid gland regulates your metabolism, your body temperature, your mental receptivity… the list goes on! Learn more about it here.

So yes, the thyroid glad must be protected and looked after but I didn’t want to take drugs so I made an appointment with a naturopath. However, prior to the appointment, through all my reading I came to the conclusion that I needed to stop drinking coffee. It was a difficult decision because I LOVED coffee. I survived my insane work weeks because of coffee.

So why did I give it up? While my low thyroid levels were only one of the causes to my extreme mood swings, adrenal exhaustion and weight gain I felt that coffee exacerbated them. And worse, I’m convinced that coffee is detrimental to a healthy thyroid.

This Hypothyroid Mom sums the ways coffee can impact your thyroid in her blog.

Now that you know why I’ve given it up, I’ll go into the horrible experience I had going through my coffee breakup in my next blog post. For now, it’s tea time xo.



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