Time is priceless

As I get older I’m constantly reminded of how priceless our time is. 

My younger self would have read that sentence and quickly sped to the next one.

Now, I type/read it feeling the gravity in my heart.

I attended a zoom memorial for my Ninong at midnight. He was so well-known & loved there were 142 people on the call! (It also made for a really long memorial).

People gave a eulogy about how my Ninong had impacted their lives and their community.

I had to close it and go to bed by 3am as I knew Maya would be up in a couple hours. So I didn’t get to hear any of my Dad’s siblings speak. 

This was probably for the best as I was already so emotional from the slideshow photos of his life.

It was hours of this. I watched as his wife, his family and all on the call mourn. He was no longer with us – but he had lived a full and fruitful life. He had spent his time well.

This was my third Mother’s Day with Maya – saying that moves me to tears. 

In the last two years:

  • my body carried & birthed  another human being and seems to be in a constant cycle/state of exhaustion,
  • my mind has been on overdrive constantly thinking about the current moment but also trying to be a few steps ahead,
  • my spirit feels challenged constantly fighting for what I want and how to get it – because it’s always changing.

But I would do it a trillion times over because I love her so so much. 

I’m unable to fully describe the feeling; I hate to revert to this saying but I’m doing it: “you won’t understand until you’re a mom”.

Since Maya has come, my life has been so full; Full of joy and so full of love.

Two years ago I found my life purpose. And every single minute since I’ve made sure I’ve lived it.

Our time is priceless. What we do with our time, our life is so important.

Hope you had a great day/weekend/week/month.

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