Make easy home remedies for teething babies in 10 minutes

At 8 months Maya was teething bad. She was super clingy and whining all the time. The worst part of teething was how badly it affects their night sleep. And thus affecting everyone’s night sleep.

Teething is an unavoidable stage but there are ways to help ease their pain without having to buy so many teething toys. Better yet, you can make most of these items with what you already have at home.

Frozen washcloths 

This is as simple as it sounds. Make sure the washcloth is clean then rinse it with drinking water and store in the freezer. You can store in a ziploc bag if you’re a germaphobe like me. Just make sure it’s wrung out or else it will freeze excess water into ice.

Frozen vegetable sticks 

Depending on where they are in their teething stage you can select which vegetable to chop. Carrots are much more firm and cucumbers are softer for little babies to gnaw on. I like to chop the veggies into finger length sticks so when they are frozen they are easy to hold.

Frozen fruit

There is a contraption out there that puts little frozen fruit into a chewable popsicle, I’ve heard this is super useful, but in this case I just chop my fruit into baby friendly pieces (see chart below) and freeze them for a soothing snack alternative.

Frozen bottle

Using a baby bottle from the newborn stage (the 120 ml type), I half fill the bottle with drinking water and store it in the freezer upside down at a 90 degree angle. Why the angle? I found this to be more chew friendly. Maya didn’t take to frozen teethers as it was too cold for her so having the nipple filled in half made for easy chewing and was much easier to hold.

This isn’t a comprehensive list of home remedies for teething babies but it is a short easy list of things to help. With the summer heat making everyone extra cranky these frozen easy-to-make remedies should provide some comfort to you and your teething baby.

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2 thoughts on “Make easy home remedies for teething babies in 10 minutes

  1. Such great ideas! My daughter didn’t like the frozen tethers either! I wish I had known about these previously, but I can definitely pass these tips on to others!

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