Get your 30 minute workout daily with your one year old

Working out at home can be a challenge with a one year old crawling around. I’ve tried to keep my baby gated around her play space but that doesn’t entertain her for long.

Lately we have been doing a couple of things to help me sweat and keep Maya entertained. 

The Wiggles

I don’t know why I didn’t check this show out sooner. As soon as I put the Wiggles on both Maya and I were glued to their primary coloured outfits (and smiling faces). Their songs are funny and dance moves are fun! We try to copy their moves or do our own along with their upbeat hits. Thankfully the entire series is available on Netflix so you can skip to a fast paced song to keep your momentum going.

House Cleaning

It might still be early for Maya to get the hang of how to sweep or dust but having her in a baby carrier while I do chores definitely makes me sweat. I just need to plan a routine (dust, sweep, mop) to make sure I keep the movement going. As she gets heavier it’s also important for me to make sure I’m bending body parts correctly. A good warm up session is 100% necessary in this case.

Run/Walk Outside

Of course the easiest option is to put Maya into her stroller while I run or walk along side of her. For us, this activity is dependent on weather. Maya hates the plastic cover that goes over the stroller so going out in the rain isn’t worth it for us.

I’m sure there are other ways, how do you work out with your baby?

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