How to shape your day with a 5 minute morning routine

The first things we do each morning affect our mood for the rest of the day. 

Some studies show that waking up at the same time is good for you1. There are also things you can do to help start your day off right – or help you feel good throughout the day.

For me, I try and start each day with the same two minute routine: rise before the babe & indulge in something small.

Waking up before my little one alleviates the panic of rushing to her when she cries. 

It also gives me time to practice a few seconds of gratitude to ground my day. I begin by acknowledging the roof over my head, my warm bed and having loved ones close by. Really you could just wake up and practice gratitude for the first three things that you see or think about. 

I consider making a hot coffee or tea to enjoy on my own an indulgence. Having that little moment of peace to yourself is a dreamy start to every morning.

And that’s it. 

I try to avoid screen time before 8am. For me, being present instead of online keeps me grounded and in the moment. While I do run a contractual business, I like to keep to working hours as much as possible. 

When my mornings start this way I find my mindset shifting for the rest of the day.

There were a couple months when Maya wasn’t sleeping through the night. It was too stressful to wake up before her. When you have these days every little bit of fresh air helps! Going out for a short walk in the morning can sometimes have the power to change the rest of your day. It really all depends on you.


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