Screen time

Let’s face it screens are everywhere.

TVs at home, in restaurants and at shopping centres. I try and avoid any tv time at home with Maya. I feel like she’s too young and will barely sit for a full show. I’d also prefer to do something more engaging and physically tiring for her (so she naps better haha).

Of course there are some days I desperately need the TV but turning it on only entertains her for a few minutes then she’s over it. When we are out she does notice the screens and her eyes are glued to it the minute she she’s aware it’s a TV.

grey-apple-iphone-48602Cellphones – are they still called that? or are they called smart phones now? Anyway, they are the worst. My hubby and I use them for everything. We use it as communication tools, productivity tools, organization methods, and of course leisurely.

My screen lights up when I have a text or my calendar reminder goes off. I’ve turned off all other notifications including messenger and Instagram cause when Maya sees it everything she’s playing with is forgotten. I will literally be playing blocks with her and if she sees my phone sitting nearby she will lunge at it!

She’s probably seen me on it and of course I have taken so many selfies and Live Stories with her. So I can’t blame her for taking an interest in this hand held light up box.

So what I’m wondering is … are we supposed to continue passively trying to avoid these screens or is there a more positive way to enforce other activities so they aren’t attracted to them??

I’d love your thoughts on this.

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