It’s okay to not be ‘okay’

It’s funny. I recall reading about baby blues during pregnancy or even when on the hospital posters after delivery. I always thought okay that can happen but I doubted it as I am a very optimistic and (try to be) a positive person.

What happens when a life form comes out of you and then depends on you for it’s survival is life changing. These are easy words to write and much easier to read. The actual reality of it, however, much more difficult.

And I know most moms of actual grown kids and teenagers are laughing out there as they read this blog. I don’t blame them but this mama has been shell shocked in the transition!

IMG_3033The hardest part I felt I had to tackle was the fact that, yes, obviously life has changed but, really, everything has changed. I prepared myself mentally during pregnancy but I’m not sure my emotions were ready. I felt like I could no longer do anything on my own. My little babe dictates when I wake and what I do all day every day – even my hubby doesn’t have that much say in my life.

My thread and most moms social media thread are filled with the cutest photos of their smiling happy baby. But baby raising is hard.

I’m so thankful to my friends and fellow online moms that have reached out and continually support not being ‘okay’.

How are you feeling today mama?

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