Out with the old, in with the new? What is new?

Every year as December 31st hits we’re all faced with this sudden urge to create resolutions and goals for change in the upcoming year.  It’s as if  ‘January 1st’ is some magical day.


Maybe my thyroid medicine isn’t working or I’m just suffering from my lack of Vitamin D but why do people wait until the end of the year to make choices that would benefit themselves in the long run? As each friend asks for my resolutions or goals it makes me cringe to think of falling in line with social norms (yet again) to reassess what’s wrong with my life and think about what/how to make it better.

Yes, I haven’t been in the best of moods. The lack of sun and my thyroid gland, that I had never paid attention to for all my life, all the sudden now demands 100% of my attention. Most people who know me can tell you about how painfully optimistic or chipper I can be at all hours of the day and even at trying times of the year.

For the last few weeks I have not been ‘myself’. I notice my lack of energy in socializing, my lack of ambition to further my career or even motivation to pursue my hobbies. I stopped taking my Vitamin D sprays – not too sure why but I feel pretty blah again. And in my head I begin to wander down the spiral thought process of life and its purpose.

What is the purpose of life? Some live it to leave a legacy through work or family and others live it to experience every nuance life has to offer.

I binge watched a Netflix series called Mindhunter. The show is based on two FBI Agents interviewing and analyzing the mind of serial killers. It’s so fascinating to hear about how other people view life and see how they perceive themselves along with the world around them. Granted, this series is fiction.

But how do people develop their perception of life and its purpose? As the new year rolls around how do we create these ‘new’ goals – what are they driving us towards?

All questions I’m sure we all ask ourselves.

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