Holy Basil Batman!

So my wedding day was amazing. It was loads and loads of fun – it went by far too fast.

We had our unplugged ceremony at St. Patrick’s Parish on Main St and our reception at the Permanent on Pender St. Our day was just as magical as every bride imagines it to be.

All day my beautiful bridesmaids kept asking how I was feeling – if I was nervous or anxious and all I kept saying was that I was excited! Before the ceremony I could see the nervous jitters my girlfriends had and even before the speeches my hubby and my maid of honour felt the same. I felt as cool as cucumber! Thanks to the Botanica Holy Basil Phytocap I was able to experience the day as relaxed and in excitement as opposed to being nervous and sick.

I really can’t rave enough about the Botanica Holy Basil and the Ashwagandha. I took these the week of and the day of the wedding. Both came to the rescue! I highly recommend these herbs for all brides!


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