The two month countdown…

There’s only two months left until I officially become Mrs. Reynolds.

The event planner in me is thinking of all the things that still need to be done from the seating chart, the music list to the very tiny small details. Reviewing the decor to ensure my green, gold, creme and coral/blush motif works well together. The BlackTux Rental Company has put this beautiful color swatch together that basically mirrors the color motif I’ve planned for my own wedding except with slate grey suits and a more coral toned blush.


The other part of me is trying to get serious. Getting married isn’t just a party or a huge event, it’s a commitment of a lifetime. I’m so thankful to have found my better half, someone who continually leads me to grow and development.

My goal this month is to finalize all the details and complete the pieces so that I get to savour the weeks leading up to my wedding and how huge of a deal this really is!

How did you make sure you had all your to-do’s ticked off in time for the wedding?



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