Cars, cars and more cars

My appreciation for cars and the owners who take such pride in modifying them is growing. My fiance & I travelled to Quebec to experience life on the east side of Canada for the first time. We ate all poutine, drank all the beer and saw very many cars.

Our first weekend in Quebec was spent at Eurocracy Montreal which hosted a huge show full of supercars and modified Volkswagens on display, a race track for rallying and a drag race strip.  You could see the pride in the owners faces as they wiped their cars clean and the eager look of spectators as they took photos of all the shiny cars and their rims. My fiance was beside himself trying to breathe calmly as we entered the lot. He was so excited he looked like a child in an all you can eat ice cream candy shop!

The cars were beautiful in all fairness. The shine of these cars, the spotless engines and insane details – it was truly amazing what these owners did to their cars.

The weekend after we headed to the Formula One Grand Prix and those cars were not shiny but very loud and VERY FAST!  The sound of the engines and the huge crowds definitely created a fun atmosphere but I definitely prefered the ease of wandering around the Eurocracy Show and watching random rallies over the international fast cars any day!




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