Coffee with a dose of criticsm

This morning on my social channel I posted an image of my coffee and workstation at a nice empty coffee shop. I also captioned it saying how much I missed these mornings. Sometimes when I post things like today’s image and thoughts I immediately receive criticism. 

Claiming to miss moments from your previous life is not a crime and it certainly doesn’t mean I don’t love my life and the people in it now.

Of course I love my children and my husband. And I am so thankful for the home and life we have. 

This morning I sat in a coffee shop with no one clinging to my arm wiping their snots on my clothes. I sat in an upright position and got to sip hot coffee for more than 2 seconds without someone yelling for my attention. I had enough time for myself to string together cohesive thought sentences  [this may not be grammatically correct but here it is anywhere].


There seems to be a weird mentality that we are all living a rigid narrow path. That we are “supposed to be” someone or somewhere or feel certain things. 

And that my friends is the difference between the changemakers.

Yes, that’s right. Women/mothers are changemakers. Their bodies morph and their beings change after giving birth to other people.

If we look at pivotal leaders in history or even anyone living their best life, the common trait is they forged their way forward their own way. These people lacked an aspect of something in their lives and sought to change it. 

This is no essay – I didn’t write this thinking about the topic and supporting paragraph explanations. It’s literally me rattling off my thoughts this morning so I can look back later and remember that I had thoughts and it was worth noting.

Yes, I get to decide that!

Lots of conversations could be had from the last few sentences there but I’ll keep to this point: moms need time for themselves.  I’m not talking about time to shower or time to do groceries. I’m talking about real time.

If you’re a mom that doesn’t feel that way – good for you! But this mom does.

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