Tip for Easy Toddler Outdoor Activities: Reusable On-The-Go Utensils and Snackbags

Sunny days are coming! And I’m so excited to be able to spend the days outdoors with Maya.

Last summer we would go to the park in the mornings and enjoy lunch in the sun or even just go to the river for the day.

One of my favourite mom hacks is to carry around reusable earth friendly utensils, straws and snack bags.

Carrying around reusable utensils makes it easy to pick up lunch to enjoy outside. I find disposable utensils flimsy and sometimes harmful to their sensitive skin. And because they’re reusable it’s never an option to leave them lying around.

Basic Good Trading Co has a huge assortment of reusable utensils and snack carriers for moms on the go – and they have free shipping over $50!

I also keep a spare set of these on-the-go utensils and snack packs in the car too. Makes for really easy random picnics and outdoor adventures.

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