April shower bring May flowers

This past year I’ve undergone significant life changes in both my career and personal life.

Around this time last year I was at Spanish Banks, with my then fiance having our engagement photos taken, to which soon after began the whirlwind called my life.

Less than 8 months ago I became a married woman,  less than 6 months ago I became a home owner, less than 4 months ago I packed my life in the city and moved back to the suburbs, and less then 2 moths ago I left my job at a company that I considered my second family.

Change is good; a lot of change must be really good, right?

It’s not just me, I see it through Insta-stories, my friends during their vents and even through articles shared online – there is a constant state of dissatisfaction.

What is happiness? Why is it that my generation seems to constantly look for more. And even as I sit here in my own spacious two bedroom condo, typing on my shiny macbook I still flick through Instagram and recognize a tinge of envy as I browse through my feed.



I’ve encountered the same personal dissonance before so these are the next steps I typically take to get back onto my own two feet:

  1. The Little Things – stopping to admire the little things in life makes you grateful for the bigger things. Today instead of rushing to get to work, I stopped thinking too much and focused on the beautiful lush greenery.
  2. Nature – thinking about nature and how vast our earth is always gives me perspective. The earth will revolve regardless of whether my resume isn’t getting better. Easy ways to get outside (if you don’t have a backyard/patio) is to go for a walk at the park or at the beach.
  3. Important People – What is truly important in life? If you haven’t decided on what or who plays an importance in your life then maybe that’s a good place to start dissecting. As for me, my husband, my family and close friends are what makes life worth living. At the end of the day I think about how much I value these people and feel so thankful to have their presence in my life – it makes all the difference in the world. So I reach to my loved ones to express that gratitude and I often  feel a warmth in my heart just doing so.

Happiness is not a destination it is a means of getting to where you want to go. That is a quote that I’ve kept repeating. We are not victims to our lives but active players who get to decide how we will take the day on.



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